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shinga's Journal

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28 April 1985
I am...

- 27 years old.
- Short and heavy.
- Geeky, and damn proud of it.
- An artist, writer and other such artsy creative stuff. I'm even barely keeping up a lame little comic. See? Head Trip!
- Polyamorous, Bisexual, Sexually Liberal but don't always talk about it in detail :P

I have...

- Red hair... from a bottle I bought at the store.
- A wheelchair named Sheila
- A Boyfriend named Will and plan on spending my life with him
- A cat named Diana

At times I...

- Complain. Once in a while, I need to vent. Not nearly as much as I used to, because I've developed a tolerance for crappy life situations.
- Rant about things you may not like me disagreeing with you about. I respect you, you respect me. It works like scratching backs. So please, work with me here.
- Get this random urge to... well, to do whatever... at this point, I may post funny life stories, or 'letters'(such as 'Dear God', 'Dear Uterus', or 'Dear Left-big-toe')... if you find it funny, great. If you don't... then what the hell is wrong with you? Go away. No one invited you.

I like...

- Cartoons American, Japanese, Korean, whatever... I like a lot of them.
- Video games I love my Wii, and my PC Games. I'm all about that.
- Webcomics I can't even cover how many I love. :D
- Music I'd be more specific, but I'll listen to pretty much anything as long as the song is good. Give me rock, celtic, new age, reggaeton, hindi, industrial, metal, goth, rap(keep it limited, though, I'm picky), opera, techno, dance... I'll take it. If it makes me want to dance or gives me warm squishy feelings inside, makes me want to be evil, or it's just cool... it gets my love.
- Movies Again, not genre-specific. I love horror, artsy, drama, comedy, fantasy/scifi, action... just make it good :P

I DON'T like...

- Bullshit in my journal comments... if you guys want to sling crap at each other, have at it, but not in my journal. I will end you.

Anyway, that's about it. You don't need to ask me if you can Friend me, I won't jump all over you for doing so, and I won't get mad if you deFriend me. Either way. :P It's cool if you comment on WHY you friended me, and where you found me, that's always cool. And if I don't friend you back right away, don't think I hate you or anything. I just probably haven't gotten around to it yet, or I'm too lazy to click, like, three buttons. It happens.

And a final note about my sense of humor... if it offends you, I probably wasn't directing it at you with the purpose of offending you. I like to mock things... I love to mock things. My brain's inner-workings are like a constant 24-hour MST3K. I mock anything I can get my hands on. I mock Wiccans, Christians, Republicans, Democrats, Assholes, Nice People, Old People, Kids, Animals, TV shows, Books, Video Games, Dryer Lint... I have few boundaries. So keep that in mind if you think I'm being mean in my journal, nine times out of ten I'm actually just having some fun.

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